How to Make Chicken Pulao

Chicken Pulao

How to Make Chicken Pulao

I’ve got a recipe that’s easy to do, quick and so very simple. It’s Chicken Pulao. Do you want to know How to Make Chicken Pulao? Let’s scroll down…

Ingredients of Chicken Pulao

½ Kg Chicken
2 tbsp Yogurt
Ginger Garlic Paste
Lemon Juice
Cumin Seeds
3 Bay Leaf
5 Cloves
4 Cardamom
Green Chillies
2 Onions
½ tsp Turmeric Powder
1 tsp Chilli Powder
½ tsp Cumin Powder
1 ½ tsp Garam Masala
2 Tomatoes
Coriander Leaves
2 cups Rice

Method of Chicken Pulao

I’ve got about half kg of chicken, to this I’m going to add 2 tablespoons of yogurt, a little bit of ginger-garlic paste and juice of one lemon. Mix it properly and leave it aside for 30 minutes. How to Make Chicken Pulao
Take a thick bottom pan; you can also use a pressure cooker if you are in a hurry. Add some oil into this; you can use ghee as well if you’d like that. I am using simple vegetable oil today in go teaspoon and a half of cumin seeds. I’m going to add 2-3 bay leaves, a piece of cinnamon, 5-6 cloves, 4-5 cardamoms, add some split green chilies. I’m going to add ¼ tbsp of ginger-garlic paste. I’ve got 2 medium sized onions here cut to lengthwise, add some salt to taste, ½ a tsp of turmeric powder, a teaspoon of chili powder, ½ a teaspoon of cumin powder, a teaspoon and half of the garam masala powder.  Mix it up. How to Make Chicken Pulao

I’ve got 2 tomatoes cut lengthwise. Once the rawness of the masala goes away we’ll add the tomatoes. My chicken has been marinating for over an hour, now going to add into the pot. Mix the chicken with the onions and the tomatoes. To this, I’m going to add some coriander leaves. The gas on a really low flame and cover it up for 5-10 minutes. How to Make Chicken Pulao

It’s been 10 minutes that my chicken has been cooking. I’m going to check on it. I don’t want it cooked completely. I want it to be done with only about 50%. It’s a little watery which is perfect. Now I’ve got about 2 cups of rice which I already washed and soaked for about 20 minutes. I’m going to add that into this. How to Make Chicken Pulao

Now I’m going to add about 3cups of water. Mix it up and cover it with a low flame for 5-10 minutes. After 10 minute check on our chicken pulao. Mix it up really well. It’s not fully done as yet, but to this, I’m now going to add some more coriander. I’m going to put it on a really low flame, cover it up with exactly 2 minutes. How to Make Chicken Pulao

How to Make Chicken Pulao

It looks like a chicken pulao is done. I hope you will make this for your next party. How to Make Chicken Pulao