How to Make Chicken Burger

Chicken Burger

How to Make Chicken Burger

One of the most popular fast food is Chicken Burger. Easy Chicken Recipes teach you now 'How to Make Chicken Burger'. Let’s scroll down… crispy chicken burger recipe

Ingredients of Chicken Burger

For Patty
500 gms chicken mince
100 gms fresh breadcrumbs, divided
1 tbsp mixed herbs
100 gms finely chopped onions
1/4 cup finely chopped celery
100 gms finely chopped mushrooms
Salt as required
Black pepper as required.
Oil for frying
Burger Buns
Tomato slices
Lettuce leaves of your choice spicy chicken burger recipe

Method of Chicken Burger

First things first let’s make the Patty for which I am taking some oil in a pan. Once the oil gets heated up I’m going to add in finely chopped onions, give it a stir. I’m going to add in chopped Selvi along with this chopped button mushrooms, and some black pepper, salt as required and some mixed herbs, which can be fresh or dried, give it a mix. How to Make Chicken Burger
How to Make Chicken Burger
Fry it Nicely 

The mixture is done and ready. Now we have to completely cool this mixture. After ten minutes, now the mixtures cool down completely. Now is the time to start making the patty, for which I’m taking some chicken mince. grilled chicken burger recipe
How to Make Chicken Burger
Mix The Patty Ingredients

At first, add some salt. Remember salt is already there in the onion mixture. Next, some breadcrumbs and the onion mixture, massage this nicely and evenly till the entire mixture becomes nice and homogeneous. The Patting mixture is ready. Now let’s start to convert them into the shape and size that we want. healthy chicken burger recipe
How to Make Chicken Burger
Make the Patty

This size can differ as to the size of the bog a bun that you intend to use. The next step is rolling this in breadcrumbs. Let’s cook these patties. Now for which I’m going to heat some oil. Patties are cooked and ready. breaded chicken burger recipe
How to Make Chicken Burger
Fry the Patty

I’m draining these on an absorbent tissue paper now. Let’s in the interim slice the bunny’s, toastiest on a griddle for which I’m taking some oil. Now that all the components of a chicken burger are ready, let’s start assembling it, for that the first thing is a nice dollop of mayonnaise. The next thing is the slice of tomatoes. Time to place the patty, then add some lettuce and cover with the bun. chicken breast burger recipe
How to Make Chicken Burger
 Let’s Plating the Chicken Burger

So here you have this scrumptious and easy chicken burger ready in just a few minutes.

Try it at home How to Make Chicken Burger

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