How to Cook Hotdogs


How to Cook Hotdogs

Do you like Chicken Hotdogs? Today I will show you- How to cook Hotdogs. It’s one of the Easy Chicken Recipes. Let’s make the New York Style Chicken Hotdogs…

Ingredients of Chicken Hotdogs

Dog Buns
Chicken Sausages
Dijon Mustard

For Cucumber Relish:-
½ tsp. Yellow mustard (soaked in 1 tbsp. water or vinegar)
2 tbsp. Dill leaves, chopped
4 English cucumbers, finely chopped
1 small onion, finely chopped
1 red chili, seeded and finely chopped
½ cup White vinegar
¼ cup sugar
1 tsp. Salt
2 tsp. Flour (stirred into 2 tsp water)

Method of Chicken Hotdogs

I’m using English cucumbers, without feeling we need to cut these into long thin strips. When you get it proprietary in bottles as well but to make it at home is quite a different charm and fun. The only thing to note in slicing the cucumbers is that eventually, we need to remove the seeds off. The center sore of the cucumber which needs to be discarded. How to Cook Hotdogs
How to Cook Hotdogs
Cucumber, Red Onion
The next step is to cut the cucumber slices into very fine burnoose. It’s a very simple cut of vegetables in which you first need to cut Julianne, then turn them over and slice them further into finer pieces called Renoir’s. The English cucumber is chopped and ready. I’m adding some salt and this is to draw out all the moisture or liquid from the cucumber. We’ll give this a quick mix and keep this aside for a minimum of half an hour. While this is resting let’s quickly cut a red onion.How to Cook Hotdogs

All of this is ready now let’s wait for the cucumber to release some water. It’s been roughly around half an hour the English cucumber has released a lot of water. Well, time to drain this now. I’m using a sieve, press this with the back of a spoon. It’s important to drain out all the water from the cucumber. Because, if you do not do this the relish becomes mushy or soggy. How to Cook Hotdogs
We need to transfer this into a pan. I’m adding the chopped red onion with cucumber. Time to turn the flame on and at this stage I’ll be adding sugar. I have added one teaspoon of yellow mustard which has been soaked in 1 tablespoon of either water or vinegar. I’m adding four to five tablespoons of white vinegar along with half a spoon of wheat flour, now immediately when you add in the wheat flour you will see that the relish become cloudy. 

But that’s exactly how we want. It is because eventually when the flour cooks out will become nice and transparent. This needs to be nicely mixed and cooked for a further eight to ten minutes on medium flavor. While the relish is cooking here on the next burn area, let’s heat a griddle pan and add in just a little bit of oil. This oil could be of your choice, you could use olive oil canola oil or any neutral oil. How to Cook Hotdogs
How to Cook Hotdogs
Griddle the Hotdogs
The oil is heated up in the pan. Let’s slide is chicken sausages. The cucumber relish is ready. I’m going to transfer this to a bowl. The sausages are grilled and ready. Let’s now move on to the assembly of the hot dogs. How to Cook Hotdogs
Assembly of the Hotdogs
I’m using the classic bun which is used for hot dogs, and I’m slitting it. To make this nice and soft I’m adding some mayonnaise. On top of mayonnaise, I’m adding this nice fresh relish. Time to place the grilled sausages; on top of the sausage. I’m going to drizzle some American or English mustard and finally some more mayonnaise if you prefer. How to Cook Hotdogs

Your New York Style Hot Dogs is ready. 
Try this at home.  How to Cook Hotdogs

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